About TGL

Tamil gospel lessons is online piano tutoring website formed on 2010. It all started with a known old classic “neer ilaatha nall”. Since lot of ppl are blessed and found useful. God has put a burden and an interest to continue by creating a website and doing a video every month by viewers request….. By god”s grace this channel has been a blessing to many around the world and everyday more than 50 people are viewing the website and watching youtube channel. Praise God!

TGL manly focuses on Old gospel tamil songs and also to current contemporary style English worship songs. Every month the videos section will be automatically updated with a new video and the chords section with a sheet music.

Who”s is running all this behind the scenes?

Stephen Jebakumar, is an iPhone application developer by profession and Pianist by passion. Currently in Music he has released an unplugged gospel album “ONE Desire” He also works for gospel albums apart from office timings. Feel free to contact him at stephenjebakumar.com