*** SONG RELEASED FOR THE GLORY OF GOD *** May this song reach and touch many with the Power & Anointing of the Holy Spirit. It is not about singing or music or a video but to feel and enjoy the move of the Holy Spirit in a special way as you listen. May harden hearts be softened, many be comforted by our Lord, receive the gift of Salvation, receive divine Healing and Miracles in their life in Jesus Name. Let it be a blessing for many in the days to come

*** My(Samuel Victor ) Story ***
In May 2012, I should have left this world. By God’s Mercy & Grace, Lord Jesus gave me one more chance and life. Every second I live today is a second life only by His Grace. So there is nothing more to boast except surrender 100% to the Altar of Grace for His will to be done in my life and give Him back 200% of what He gave me (both talents and gifts) for His Glory only. My only example in this world is Lord Jesus Christ, not Pope or Bishop or Priest or Pastor or Preacher or anyone. Everyone are human just like you and me. They need the same Grace of our Lord Jesus till their last breathe just like you and me. Christianity as a religion will never take anyone anywhere. Only the relationship with Christ by asking Him to cleanse our sins by His precious Blood will take us to Heaven after our death else we will be in Hell only. This is the truth. This decision can be made only when you live in this world not after our death. So till my last breath, I will keep worshiping Him and give Him back faithfully for what He called me for. May God bless you and your family …- With much prayers….Samuel Victor

Song – Kalvariyin Karunaiyithea
Album – Ellam Avaree Vol1 (He is my everything)

Worship by: Samuel Victor
Music, Keyboard and arrangements : Stephen Jebakumar
Guitars : Keba Jeremiah
Bass : Keba Jeremiah
Percussion : Vasanth David
Violin : Padma Shankar

Sound Engineer: Avinash Sathish (20db)
Video: Micheal Blesson Manos @ Sharon Media Productions
Mix and mastered @ DC wave station by Daniel christian
Recorded @ 20db Studios and Stephen Studios
Production & Distribution – Global Prayer Network (GPN) & Christ for World Ministries

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