It was on 11 september 2013 Aachi(Vimala Dawson) asked me…

Aachi:Stephen could you please record some songs before I die because I don’t want to waste my songs and my grand children shouldn’t forget the tune.
Me(stephen): yes aachi will do this sat(14- sep 2013) .
We(Pastor Charles Dawson, Myself-Stephen and Aachi) recorded 5 songs.
1.En ithayathil
3.Kadal konthalithu
4. Old rugged cross.
5. Just as i am
As she became very tired after a hour.
We stopped and I said..
Stephen: Aachi Good work!! Will record the remaining songs next week. Ok?
Aachi: She nodded the head.
Saturday went by and Sunday(22-sep-2103) I was there in the house with aachi and pastor’s family till 10 P.M since the adapter was in church and i was hoping to do the remaining songs in the week. And I rushed to my studio after 10 p.m 22 sep 2013 to take the rough music and to add more tracks and I wanted to show her the next day(Monday).
I closed my studio at 23-sep-2013 2 A.M and went to sleep.
And my friends came home after 3 hours i.e at 5 A.M knocked the door and shouted What are you doing?

….Aachi DIED at 2 A.M come soon….!!!!

This is My greatest tribute to you Aachi(Vimala Dawson). Sorry for not showing the finished track to you when you were alive. As you said “Stephen I want you to put these songs in my funeral”. I DID IT!!! I am proud and thankful to God that I played keyboard/Piano in your funeral. I can’t ask a better stage than this place to God. Such a privilege!!

Note to aachi:

This is my million dollar track aachi. I can’t do a better music track than this. Will miss your unique voice.

Voice: Vimala Dawson
Song: Just as I am
Music and video : Stephen Jebakumar.

Love u aachi!!!
See ya in heaven (Kisses and hugs)

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