A good teacher who’s skillfull in all aspects of training.


Stephen is an amazing keyboard player.when he teaches with relevant examples, we as students are able to easily relate.


This master class has been engaging throughout. It made me wait for 7 PM for the class to begin. This has definitely been useful in my playing bi started using the techniques in my playing(...)

Simon Peter

Stephen anna Teaching was really amazing..And in this Master class I've Learnt so many Things Professionally...
And the Chords he taught was Really out of the world for me..Learnt a lot of(...)

Calix Joshua

Stephen is an amazing teacher, who patiently explains every concept and clears doubts. looking forward to many more sessions in the future.

Jaison Samuel

That was really awesome becoz he have all the answers for my questions and not only in teaching we admire is playing it's really awesome playing anna and am ur fan thanks anna for everything

James wencil Bruno

This class has really challenged me and helped me get 'unstuck' in my piano playing. My knowledge of music has been taken many steps further! Through Stephen's teaching, I have learned many(...)

Aleena Idikula

As a church player I was playing the same chords every weekbthough people like my playing I was not satisfied doing same thing every week, but God's grace from this class and Stephen Anna(...)


Being a renowned musician in the Gospel field, he was very much helpful in improving our style of playing especially when it comes to usage of chords and techniques. He was patient to answer(...)

Arvana Justin Jebadurai

Passionate teaching

John Deena

It is a great experience and he is a honourable vessel.. The best pianist and mentor in Chennai..I have been playing keyboard since 1995. But Full of flaws.. Just learnt the proper way to play piano from him..

Prince Paul peter

First I'd like to thank Stephen anna for the opportunity to learn from him. It was an amazing experience. Simple teaching. Can easily understand if we have basic knowledge about the chords.(...)

Blesson Samuel Reji

He is an anointed Genius Tutor who will teach
elaborately which easily to understand . I am blessed by His teachings and through this wonderful course. It masters me to play advanced(...)

R. Ezra Richard

Your teaching is perfect and it's nice to see that your concerned about everyone's progress and you encourage us to do more.

Rufus Billy Graham

About Stephen: Committed, patient, never takes the class for granted,knows what he teaches(does not bluff ),accepts feedback and humble

And I am happy for this experience coz I really wanted(...)

Blessen Paul

Good experience overall.When I finished studying keyboard at my small age....It took years for me(experiences,performances,failures) to come to this stage.Now for years there is no updation(...)

P.Jeshurun George

Stephen has put in a lot of work for this master class and that is visible from day one of the course. Stephen is very proactive in making sure that you are comfortable in the class. Rather(...)

Joel Wilson Gunasekaran

We all know how Steve is a great Musician and Music Producer. His reputation and his music will speak for Himself.

What this Master class enabled us to know about him is, he a very Humble(...)


Hi Stephen ana, many are talented and super talented around the globe.. only some of them believe that music is a gift from God to them. You are one among them ana. I was frustrated that I(...)

Sam Dheep

I believe that through this I’ll be able to contribute more in my playing for Gospel Music & Glory the name of Jesus
I really wanna thank Stephen Anna for putting this together
You were(...)

Jaiking Marsal M

Stephen Anna's teaching fixed my weakness and Boosted my musical knowledge to a next level with a great patience. "Finally today I can proudly say all the 10 fingers of mine listens to my(...)

John Solomon

For a long time I have been aspiring to improve my playing and chord vocabulary. Have learn a lot in this class gonna practice and apply all the techniques learned. On of the rare musician(...)

Samuel jeba kumar

Hi Stephen ana, many are talented and super talented around the globe.. only some of them believe that music is a gift from God to them. You are one among them ana. I was frustrated that I(...)

Sam Dheep

This was the best class i have ever attended. Thank you Stephen anna for making this opportunity to teach us the wonderful stuff u have learnt. I have seen several changes while playing(...)


It's an another transformation in my level of playing keys. Even though I tried to learn many times through YouTube videos it always ends in futile. This course helps me a lot to understand(...)

Ben Jacob

Stephen teaches with patience.The way he encourages the students is awesome. He is not hesitant to clear the doubts at any point of time owing to his busy schedule. Finally, He is a humble, gifted and talented musician.

Sam Nihal

I loved the classes so much.
You were kind, compassionate, patient, brilliant and so much more.Thank you for patiently clarifying all my doubts.. Although, I have completed 7 grades in piano,(...)

J Arul Judah

I have been always wanting to improve my music skills, so I joined Stephen annas online "Piano Master Class".

Here the online lessons are organised in a well graded manner. As the classroom is(...)

Andrew bermax Vijay vs

At the onset itself, I thank God for giving me such an opportunity to train under such a maestro Mr. Stephen Jebakumar. I would like to define him in two levels - as a professional and as a(...)

Chris Dean Thomas

Basically coming from a school of self taught, I always had the fear of getting tutored in advanced playing as I thought my theoretical knowledge had to be strong. This masterclass has really(...)

Kenny A. Jayaraj

Stephen Jebakumar anna's Master Class is a no brainer for me to join because I've seen and heard beautiful chords played in the songs that were directed by Stephen anna. The classes were made(...)

Chriswell R

I was a "Stereotypical" south Indian Church keyboardist playing the same set of chords and progressions until Stephen anna gave a new perspective on the 'approach' to a chord and the need for(...)

Daniel George

He's an humble and calm person, more than i feel that he's our brother and not a teacher the way he coordinates and explains the topic helps us to understand easily and quickly. Blessed to(...)

Parikshith kotiyan

This master class really helped me to master all chords and made me to understand many lifetime useful stuffs...... Stephen anna is soooo kind and dedicated man of God......his way of(...)

Steve Johanson

Actually i was about to join in the 2nd batch itself! Due to some personal problems i was unable to join the class!! But god gave me an another opportunity to join in this 4th batch ! It’s(...)

Sushil Joshwin

I'm honored to be a part of this Master class Anna. I'm sure anybody who joins will find it 100% relevant and useful! I always thought using diminished chords make a song sour but you made it(...)

Inmanuel R Richard

Before the class.i will here the Anna's song and composition in YouTube. Maximum of the times I think that Anna will take lessons for me And that dream makes me TRUE...I got a lovable teacher(...)


This classes were really helpful for me to understand deep things which I had never did anytime. It really helped me as a beginner to get all the practice done and learning new and advanced(...)

Robin Daniel

Stephen sir you were really awesome at teaching.loved each and everything you taught sir , the exercises really helped me build and strengthen both my hands.
What amazing progressions .

Yash bhojwani

I would say that stephen anna is the best!
I'm a self learned keyboard player nd I've not been to any class before at all... but this Master Class was so blessing to me and Stephen Anna asks(...)

Paul Edison

This classes were really helpful for me to understand deep things which I had never did anytime. It really helped me as a beginner to get all the practice done and learning new and advanced(...)

Robin Daniel

Learning with STEPHEN sir is Completely Different Experience for me. I Never saw a Proffesional Pianist like STEPHEN sir. His Chords , Chords Transitions, Playing skills , knowledge of Music(...)

Stephen Varghese

This classes were really helpful for me to understand deep things which I had never did anytime. It really helped me as a beginner to get all the practice done and learning new and advanced(...)

Robin Daniel

What an amazing class this is, never learnt chords of this kind, God’s Grace that I’ve encountered the post and joined this class, Anna is amazingly talented and patient in explaining every(...)

John Marshall

What an amazing class this is, never learnt chords of this kind, God’s Grace that I’ve encountered the post and joined this class, Anna is amazingly talented and patient in explaining every(...)

John Marshall

It was so helpful.. Doing improvisation with simple songs helps us to understand the feel of each chord he uses.. It’s totally worth joining this course

Dishon Samuel

It is a wonderful opportunity personally for me. I learnt many things in this five days of course by just focusing on stuffs which is useful and avoiding the other things. To be honest, this(...)

Austin Benadict

I really feel blessed to join batch 5. I never imagined even in my dreams that I would learn from one of the most talented keyboardist. Most of the talented musicians show attitude, Stephen(...)

John Jayakumar H

I used to play chord progressions in my comfort zone. But, he made me think out of box and pushed me to an modern way of harmonizing songs.I will be happy if he continues this..........May the lord be praised by his works.

Timmy Jackson.J

I’m very proud to have Stephen Anna as my Piano Teacher first of all. The special element which Stephen Anna has is his Humbleness. A down to earth person and a gifted man of God who exalts(...)

Victor Sam Paul. A

Before this master classes I did not go for any piano or keyboard classes. Because no one was there to teach me. I learnt something and I used to play in my church. Then I realized that I was(...)

Eden Paul

First of all I Thanking God For this Awesome Teacher Stephen Jebakumar Anna

Some will say ‘Teaching is the one profession that creates all other professions.’ But I'll say Stephen Anna is a(...)

Sam Daniel.S

As an aspiring self taught musician, I always used to wonder when people plays heavy sounding chords and do harmonization but I never thought I can do that arrangement but after attending(...)

Febin Dan

I thank God and Stephen annan for this amazing opportunity. It was my privilege to learn from him. I've gained much knowledge because The concepts are really advanced and the Syllabus he has(...)

Blessy Aravindar

Learned many things new from him. Different way of teaching method. Didn't hesitate and had patience to answer our doubts. Overall satisfied with the experience with him.

Kumar Benjamin

Really it was an exciting piano master class where it helped me to learn new things in this limited period of five days really Stephen Anna is a blessing for us he is so patient in teaching(...)


Even though I finished 8 grades in Piano, I used to play songs only with the main 6 chords until I saw Kalvaari Anbai on YouTube which was the first video I saw of Stephen Annan - my dad(...)

Darwin Joseph Arulraj

Bro. Stephen is a talented musician who is very humble and gives his best while investing his knowledge and insights into young potential musicians. It was a great opportunity for me to(...)

Praise Varghese

It was a big opportunity to bring up my keyboard playing to next level on this lockdown time.
I learnt a lot from dear Stephen anna a humble musician.I attended the class very hopefully to(...)


To start with I am a follower of Stephen anna covers for many years..I used to pause the video ,tilt the screen and look fr what he has done..but now anna has given a huge opportunity for(...)

Guru prasath@John

[°°°~°°°Really improved gaining knowledge & my playing skills especially chords & left hand Technics thanks alot Stephen Anna for being a big Blessing✝️°°°~°°°♥️]

Sam Daniel ✝️

This is my first piano masterclass and I have been a beginner in keyboard and after this class I improved my both hand skills to much extent. Your level of explaining was best to learn. You(...)

Godwin J

One of the spirit led Trainer I can say. Me as a basic keys learner initially thought it would be tough to understand but he explained it bit by bit every note every excercises in a very(...)

Rhema s james

As it named yes it is masterclass, especially those reharmonized songs and dexterity exercises will really take you to next level of playing. Stephen anna was really patient and kind enough(...)

Pradeep Samuel

I have seen Stephen Anna's splendid playing sone yrs ago, but never dreamt that i would be privileged to learn from him. My situations were quiet unfortunate that I couldnt attend all the(...)

Paul Aruban

Stephen Anna is one of the best Gospel musicians in the field, to learn from him is a precious opportunity, even though its online live video sessions, learning and practice materials are(...)


I did learn in the masterclass, but knew most of the topics covered


I had a very basic level of playing, these 5 days made me aware of many techniques which I was very ignorant. These sessions also kindled my interest to practice more to equip myself. Thank(...)

Christina Beryl Edward

Yeah! It was a very Good time with a Great musician. It was very helpful, we have learned many different things. Also, we felt more comfortable with dear Anna, his humble and soft reply to(...)

Jabez Philip

Good Tutor, Well explained classes and a great initiative to help gospel musicians at basic level to improve their playing

Rodney Joseph

Bro, your teachings were really structured and very easy to understand. And this master class was definitely an eye opener for me and I’ve learnt most of the things which I haven’t learnt in(...)

Joshua Samuel

This master class is really a testimony to be shared. Eventhough i have completed all 8 grades in music, it only enhanced my practical skills and i lacked theory and the ability to improvise(...)

Joseph Rajkumar

I think I have nicely slacked off for all these years, just easily playing the hymns & songs at my church, in the same style. Stephen helped me realise the importance of daily exercises,(...)


It was absolutely helpful.beautiful arrangements.It would more helpful if you could discuss the chord choices and the method of harmonizing.Thank you sir.

Clement Paulson

Had a good experience with Sir Stephen. I had learnt chords like major and minor but didnt had an idea about (diminish ) and all . Stephen was excellent at explaining and making us(...)

Ashish william

Totally a different experience comparing my previous level of playing and the exercises made my left hand playing more relevant and strong, the songs has much interesting chords which anna explained them clearly.
Thank you anna.


Anna neenga youtube la songs lam podum bodhu naa practice panven anna... Unga playing ah pathu dhan ennoda playing ah rombave improve pannen...eppo unga video pathalum na edhachum pudhusa(...)

Samuel morrison

Anna, this opportunity to me was a Godsend - Praise God! I learnt exactly what I needed, to take my piano skills to the next level, in a very short time - I really thank you for providing the(...)


After having followed Stephen's work and videos for a long time, I was very much inspired by his skills that I was so glad to join this masterclass. Stephen is a disciplined and methodical(...)


I like that Stephen goes in depth for the dexterity exercises as my sight reading is not fantastic as I usually play chords for church. Giving us the fingering and notes to play is helpful.(...)

Shoba Samuel

Ive been playing piano over these years by self learning.This class is my first structured piano class that ive ever attended.Im so glad i signed up for this class.The course content is well(...)

Daniel Dinesh

Stephen's Masterclass and his way of Teaching easily connects and helps in the overall learning process. Stephen emphasizes on Practice and ensures constructive feedback which is the most(...)

Sriharshaa Prabhakar

Anna Thank you so very much for these wonderful lessons ✨ It was a great joy to learn from you... I see your videos and just sit awestruck wishing when will I even learn what the names of(...)

Samuel Alex

Stephen anna is a excellent teacher and also an inspiritaion

Shalom Naik

The class was very useful and wonderful ,no one will have such a heart to teach what ever they have learned and experienced in thier carrier ... i thank God for you anna....may good lord bless you for many ....


He is the best teacher any student would want to learn from. His methods and the exercises he selectively gives improve not only the flexibility of the fingers but also the quality of playing. Blessed much.

Cathrine Ebenesar

Sure I will fill this before that I want to say a big thank to you I'm really glad that I'm learning Piano lessons from you. You are such a talanted and humble person it shows your hard work(...)

Santhosh. K

Perfect, calm, to the point no wasting of time, it was worth joining the course. It was neat and well planned.

Gracia Shareen

One of the worlds renowned gospel music pianist.

Immanuel Roberts

It was such a privilege to learn from the real MASTER himself. I have been through some online classes quite sometime but none of them taught me what I needed it was all templates etc. I have(...)

Enoch Samuel

I've seen Stephen anna's amazing playings in YouTube only and I never thought I'll get an opportunity to learn from him.So, first of all, I would like to thank God for giving us this(...)

Joel Timothy. J

Need to understand well on how to use the hand position for each substitution chords. Chords are complex, however need to know the exact formula utilising each and use variations while moving(...)

Aby Thomas

I'm a beginner level keyboard player, this master class helped me a lot to understand how progressive advanced chords are formed, sir helped me to grow in excellence he's always Avilable to(...)

Christopher chalurkar

Brother Stephen is a blessed man of God with Skills showered upon from above. !! It was a great time with him this five days. He is humble, talented, easy to learn-friendly. !! To be frank(...)

Leonard Giftson Donald E

Classes are very useful for me personally..

Its showed a way to improve my left hand playing
& also the other dimensions and possiblities of playing the 7th,diminished ,Aug chords Instead of(...)

Surendar alias Stephen

Most of the great musicians will never reveal or teach us to the core they know. But, Stephen Anna, teaches us everything and even his masterpiece chords and progression without any(...)

Boaz John Prasad

First of all thanks to God for the wonderful opportunity to learn from the genius. I am a intermediate player with normal chords I have no idea about advanced chords. I joined master class,(...)

Richard s

While enrolling for course I had very little knowledge about chords but I got a clear idea of arranging it.He is the best music teacher I had, precise to the point , very clear and calm .I(...)

Nithish C

Very useful classes.Sir is so humble and kind person.Classes were so interesting and really very good stuff was taught.Sir teaches and corrects our mistakes with so much of patience.I'm am so(...)

Rini Sharon

Master class was really awsome! Such a wonderful experience and I've learnt a lot in this course. Anna's teaching was very well and he gave many new ideas about playing complicated chords and(...)

Jotham Sahaya Raj

I had a awesome session in this master class. learned newest things which i ever known it improves my style of playing Stephen anna teaching techniques was so good he cares each one of them(...)

Praveen B

Great teaching. An intermediate pianist can turn to Advanced pianist easily.

Chaitanya Kunduru

I admit am not a bright student in his class though he taught me with all his patience. You showed me many new dimensions of the chord progression and many other techniques. Teacher like u(...)

Nill. Beno Lloyd Deva Sahayam

So kind and good teacher expect all students must learn and play in churches
its really great vision(in a short time). Thank God for wonderful brother a gift from God to me and to many. Its(...)


Great teaching. An intermediate pianist can turn to Advanced pianist easily.

Chaitanya Kunduru

Good teacher ,I learned many things almost everything was new especially left hand
May God bless you anna May you be an useful instrument for God’s kingdom

John Clement